Tuesday, January 1, 2019

twenty nineteen.

Hello everyone, how was your New Years? I took a bath with a bath bomb for the first time and then put on a face mask while I marathoned Sons of Anarchy. Nothing like ringing in the new year while taking care of yourself and watching betrayal and death unfold. It was pretty ideal.

I keep forgetting to talk about my resolutions/goals from last year and to see what I accomplished. I wanted to get a new look, which I did by cutting my hair and dying it light pink. It's currently a purple pink and growing, which I'm stoked for. I wanted to make effort to meet up with friends, which I did. I met up with some friends in Colorado and NorCal. Still need to go to Georgia to see Jenn! Go to more shows? Yes! I did that, 2018 was the year of shows for me. It was great. Saw so many bands I've been wanting to see. Take care of my skin more? Also a yes. Been using face masks in 2018 the most I've ever had. Spend more time with my family? Also did. I've been with my sisters whenever I can because who knows when we are going to all get a place of our own. Even spend some time with my mother and father, on separate occasions of course. Workout? I definitely worked out more in 2018 than 2017 that's for sure. I joined a gym and everything so I say that's a win.

Alright, so was are my goals for 2019?

Do well in school. I mentioned I am going back to school for web development, so I am hoping that I can do well while working full time. It won't be easy, but hopefully I can push myself to do it. 
Start a career in web development. I am going back to school to change my career path, so hopefully it will help me so I can get the skills needed to make the career change. 
Have a better idea of where I want to be. I have several ideas of where I could be in the future but as of now they are all up in the air. I want to get a better idea of where I will be in the future, and hopefully that will happen after I finish the web development program.  
Work on my mental health/self. I have recently been seeing a therapist, I saw one before I went to Japan and decided I wanted to come back and see one again. I have lots of things I need to work on, and I hope by going to therapy I can take the first steps in doing that. 
Pay off most, if not all of my student loans. I am almost done paying off my students loans from my previous university, so if I could just finish it, I would be so happy. 
Finish my sleeve and possibly start my back. I have been working on my sleeve for a while so it would be great if i finished it. I also have been wanting my back done for the longest so I'd love to start it. I want some more leg tattoos so the back might not be realistic, especially with school. But I'll just throw it out there. 
Workout more in 2019 than in 2018. I worked out more in my previous year compared to the last, so I want to do that this year as well. I feel like it's a good judge of if I am actually being productive and working out more rather than just working out the same amount. I just need to be more consistent and not let my laziness get the best of me.

I feel like these resolutions are so adult like compared to my previous ones. I guess this is growing up huh? I still feel like I'm in my early 20's though, I don't feel like I'm getting older. I do have an end goal though, and I am working hard to achieve it. I am so happy to still have this blog and write it in, even if it isn't often. I can see how much I've grown because of it.

I hope people that have blog continue to write in them.

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