Friday, January 19, 2018

blank spaces.

I don't know when I started looking at the blank spaces 
of skin on my body and started thinking: "I need to get that tattooed." 
It's not that I don't like myself without tattoos, 
it's just weird seeing my skin for some reason. 
It just looks off to me.

Photos by bramantyaarief

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The start of 2018.

Okay, so time to talk about new resolutions. I totally forgot to mention last year's and if I did what I wanted. So let's review that. Last year, I wanted to continue to get tattooed, which I did. I got some lovely new leg tattoos, my knees being my favorites in 2017. I wanted to travel out of Japan, which I did as well! Cambodia and the Philippines which were great trips, and I still need to post about. Work hard to find a job I really want...funny how that happened in the last month. I figured out what job I will be aiming for in the states, and I'm going to work hard to try to achieve that. Last one was to make the most of my time and make memories, which I think I did. Maybe not so much my last 2-3 months because of work but I am overall content with what I did for 2017.

Now, let's go on to the 2018 resolutions:

Get a new look. I've been wanting some change. Maybe it's because I'm working a professional job, or the fact that I live in the Japanese countryside, but I want to change my look and do something different.  
Make the effort to meet up with friends. I have friends in different states in the U.S. and I always say I want to visit, but I never actually do it. I am going to make the effort to try to see some friends because they put the effort to see me. If I have the money, it will be one of the first things I'll do. 
Go to concerts more. Maybe it's because I've been deprived of going to concerts since moving to Japan due to working till 9pm weekdays so, I miss going to them! I went to TSSF last year, and it was a highlight of 2017. So, I want to try to go to some concerts again. 
Take care of my skin more. I recently went to Korea and bought some nice makeup and face masks. The face masks make your skin feel amazing and look it! I want to take care of my skin, because it feels nice to do it! 
Spend more time with my family. In 2017, a lot changed. My parents decided to get a divorce. It was a long time coming, but regardless it has changed things. So, I want to make an effort to try to build a relationship with my dad maybe, try to help my mom during this time, and spend some time with my sisters. I've been gone for 2 years, and I miss my sisters like crazy. 
Workout. Yes, the famous work out resolution. Which I hope to do when I go back to the states because it's easier to access a gym and they don't care about people with tattoos. I just want to tone everything up basically. I remember doing this in uni and once I got to the rhythm of it, I enjoyed it. So, going to try to do that. Everyone knows I'm a blob so I'll start going at least once a week and see where I go from there lol.

I have some plans for this year, as of now, it can go it two directions. Ill keep you guys posted and let you know what will happen. I'll be leaving Japan at the end of March. It's crazy but I'm excited to go back to the states and figure out what I'll be doing next. Hope you guys have a great 2018.