Friday, July 21, 2017

沖縄; part ii

The second part of our trip consisted of scenic drives back down to Naha where we stopped by different beaches and spots like Maeda Cape. Okinawan beaches are defintely some of the most beautiful beaches I've seen. It was still a tad chilly during this time so we didn't go swimming but it was still nice to see. The ocean water is so beautiful and blue.

Next weekend is Cambodia with Shayla!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

沖縄; part i

Spring break in Okinawa was forever ago, but here I am posting about it finally. It is a bit of a blur though, so I'll write what I remember.

Me and Lisa did mostly very touristy things but we didn't care. We weren't there for a long time and didn't have much an idea on what to do so we just thought we'd do things that seemed cool.

We ate at a fancy restaurant and dresses up in traditional Ryukyuan clothes which was pretty fun even though we initially did it for shits and giggles. We also went to a Butterfly Garden on a rainy day during out stay. It was pretty interesting and not too crowded so we were able to enjoy the butterflies.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

summer vacation soon.

Next Friday will be the start of my summer vacation and I am so excited. I have trips planned with friends. I am going to be venturing out of Japan for the first time since moving here. I will be going to Cambodia, the Philippines, and Korea. Korea was spur of the moment since a friend from California will be visiting. I haven't posted my Okinawa trip yet, or finished Miyazaki. I suck at blogging now. But hopefully I will be consistent with these posts.

Oh, and I moved into a new apartment. It's great. Still big, spacious, and newer it's the second floor so it's really nice and bright. I love it. And moving also made work easier. It was a good move.

Excited for things to come.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

better late; part iv

The last hang out day consisted of karaoke during the day, and Disney Sea at night to get the cheap tickets. We bought Mickey and Minnie ears despite not being big Disney fans lol. We felt that it was the best way to get the whole experience. 

We had so much fun. We didn't go on many rides, but we played on the Peter Pan ship, and the different areas of the park. It was great fun. And of course we ate popcorn, curry popcorn was out favorite.

We were exhausted by the night but we ended up going to this cool Mexican undeground bar in Takadanobaba before we called it a night. We didn't take off our Mickey and Minnie ears till we got back to our airbnb.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

better late; part iii

Day 3 was an impromptu thing. The weather was horrible with heavy rain. So we looked for things to do inside and I found some things in Asakusa. I wanted my little sister and her bf to really enjoy themselves and do touristy things since it was their first and probably last time in Japan.

So I took them to Asakusa to try on kimonos where i got to take photos of them. Many people were staring and giving them compliments. They were so happy haha. Again, my sister and her bf are easily pleased. It was lovely having them here.

Jesse even got excited when he found an umbrella that looked like a Japanese sword lol. Afterwards we went to Sky Tree to eat and take pictures. Little sis got tipsy on sake lol.

Another good day.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

better late; part ii

The next part of the trip consisted of me taking my little sister and Jesse to Kanagawa where I took them to Kamakura, Enoshima, and Yokohama. I’ve always had a soft spot for Kanagawa since I studied abroad there 4 years ago. It’s so weird to think it was that long ago, just writing the number made me stomach drop a bit for some weird reason.

Anyways, I took my sister and her boyfriend to my favorite spots. The giant Buddha, bamboo forest, and the view of the Yokohama skyline were a must.

It was my first time at Enoshima and it was pretty cool. We also got to explore some caves in Enoshima and made wishes to the god there.

It was a long day out, but it was fun.