Tuesday, June 20, 2017

better late; part i

I had almost decided to not blog anymore because I can't find the motivation to do it. It had become more of a chore than anything else with me being busy and just lazy. I decided it would be a waste not to. I look back and read things I forgot that happened so I want to keep this to remember.

I'll try to write more details but if I'm lazy I'll just post photos with short summaries.

So here is when my little sister and her boyfriend visited during spring break. We did touristy things because hellooo it was their first and probably last time in Japan. Tokyo Tower was a must, Shibuya, Harajuku, genki sushi, etc.

I finally went to Yoyogi park for the first time since all the time I've been in Japan. Also got to see those rockabillies I had been wanting to see since forever. It was nice. The sakura weren't blooming yet. They were suppose to be but darn rain messed it up.

They were so fun to take around and easily pleased.