Sunday, May 7, 2017

Quick update.

So much to blog about. It's so much harder to find the time when you're working and actually having a life lol. Quick update, started my second year at my school. So far, it's been alright. I work at a preschool now which is decent overall just stressful with planning.

My sister came to visit with her boyfriend and though it was tiring it was really fun. Need to post about that.

Also went to Okinawa with Lisa, and Okinawa's beaches are beautiful. They're the prettiest I've ever seen but overall Okinawa was okay. I preferred Miyazaki, but that could be because it was still a bit cold so there wasn't much we wanted to do in the weather.

Also, another friend from California visited with her boyfriend. That was fun, and they brought me things from America!

Also started the line out my other knee tattoo. I don't know how I sat through the other one in a full sitting I was dying with just the outline with this one.

Will be sure to update a weekend when I'm not busy or lazy!