Saturday, January 21, 2017

yes, we eat.

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

It was my winter vacation already, and the night before I went to Lyy's place to get ready to leave to Nagoya the next day. We were actually a bit productive in Nagoya, usually me and Lyy would just hang out with friends and sleep the day away so we wouldn't do much but we managed to go to a cafe and see some places we've been wanting to in Nagoya.

The cafe called Madison YWE we went to my friend, Yumi recommended. It had such cute interior and the food was delicious, we got the Nagoya special. Afterwards we walked around a bit where we were able to see the Nagoya TV Tower lit up, and finally we saw Oasis 21. It was a nice view but freezing because of the wind.

It's so funny because several of the things I wanted to see were in central Nagoya near Sakae Station anyways but we never had time to do anything. But even though we didn't do any tourists things before, those memories were some of the best memories. I'll admit, I wanted to go to Osu more time but we didn't have enough time to do so unfortunately.

After we walked for a bit we headed to Nabana no Sato, that was the main purpose of our Nagoya visit.

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