Wednesday, January 25, 2017

mysteries of nara.

Wednesday, December 28th 2016

Me and Lyy went on an early bus to Nara. On the way, it began to snow. It was a pretty sight, but it made us arrive a bit later than planned. We met up with one of Lyy's friends, Yoshi. He was nice enough to show us around Nara. We really just wanted to go to the deer park, but he was nice enough to take us to other places.

We saw a giant buddha which put the Kamakura one to shame. We also got to see a few really nice temples. They were definitely nice. The deer park was of course the highlight of Nara for me. I loved the deer. I didn't feed them because they got close to you even if you didn't have food.

Afterwards Yoshi took us to a nice temple in the mountains that had really nice art. But it was so cold, and we had to take off our shoes I wish I could have appreciated it more lol. After that, we hung out with Yoshi and his friends who lived close by. After staying with them for a bit we headed back to central Nara where me and Lyy headed to Kyoto.

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