Friday, January 27, 2017

gold things and arashiyama.

Thursday, December 28th 2016

We arrived in Kyoto the night before and went around the next morning. I really wanted to see Kinkakuji and the bamboo forest at Arashiyama. They were selling soft serve at both places, I had to get the one with gold and the 4 flavored one at Arashiyama. They were both worth it, even though it was freezing.

The bamboo forest was unfortunately super crowded so good pictures were extremely hard to take, and most of the bamboo had fallen down. We weren't sure if it was due to weather conditions or what, but it was a bit disappointing. At least the soft serve was good! And we had duck udon which was also nice.

We went to Arashiyama station where they had an illumination called the "Kimono Forest", it was nice but much more magnificent in photos lol. Afterwards, Lyy and I headed the Shibuya of Kyoto and ate at chilled at an izakaya. The food there was good, especially their duck! 

This trip was the first time I've ever had duck and I liked it a lot. Especially the izakaya one.

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