Monday, January 30, 2017

fushimi inari, bengals & owls.

Friday, December 30th 2016

We went to Fushimi inari, which was probably my favorite place in Kyoto, minus the cat and owl cafe. Fushimi inari was so beautiful and weather was great that day so I was able to capture some good photos. Even if it was crowded, it was still good.

After Fushimi inari we headed to the bengal cat cafe. Bengals are my favorite cats so I was so happy when Lyy took me here. We also went to see the owls which was a good choice. I've never seen an owl so close and you could pet them! They felt like clouds, I loved their touch.

This was probably my favorite day in Kyoto. Me and Lyy chilled at a restaurant as we waited to head to Kyoto to take the shinkansen back to Tokyo.

Overall, the trip was nice. But tbh, I think Kyoto is a bit overhyped. Maybe because I live in the inaka I don't for care it? I actually preferred Miyazaki to Kyoto. It was still a good trip, andI'm happy to get it off my travel list but I probably won't head back to Kyoto or Nara again unless it's for cafes or something.

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