Saturday, November 19, 2016

Small update.

Adulting has taken over my life, as it does for many so my blogging time has been reduced significantly. Some good news, I got my Japanese drivers license. It was a pain in the ass, but now I have my Japanese license. I'm so happy and proud. Also, it will make traveling within Japan easier.

Winter break is soon approaching. I can't believe it will soon be my birthday, then December, winter break, and then the new year. Time always flies so quickly around this time.

I actually forgot it was going to be my birthday until Lyy reminded me. I'm going to Tokyo for the weekend to watch a movie, eat pizza, drink beer, and just have a chill birthday! That's the plan at least.

I also have some nice winter break plans, but I'll share those when they're set. Also, as always, new tattoo pieces in the works.

I know I always say this but, time is flying!

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