Saturday, October 15, 2016


Hello loves, it's been a while. Time goes by so much faster when you're working. Can I just say that I'm extremely happy it's fall? The weather is lovely, finally. I may be sick, but I'm still so happy it's nice and cold.

And now for the news, well it's not news if you follow me on instagram but if you don't here it is: I got two new tattoos, my wolf tattoo and my Eric Draven tattoo. Don't mind my wolf, Nymeria is peeling in this picture.

The month of October is going to be lovely, Lyy is coming back soon and Halloween is coming. I'm also excited to plan Halloween themed classes for my students, especially my older students.

Words cannot explain how happy I am that is it fall, I have this playlist that I tend to play around this time with Citizen, Brand New, Statistics, and Death Cab for Cutie. It's just nice to listen to music all day and chill in your room in a hoodie and high socks.

Can you believe it's six months since I've moved to Japan? It doesn't feel like it's been six months and with the holidays coming up I'm sure it will fly by even faster.