Friday, September 30, 2016

Miss World Japan 2016 & Countryside Students' Opinions on Her Win.

I'm taking a break from my Miyzaki trip posts and decided to write about something that happened a bit recently.

If you do not know, Miss World Japan 2016 was crowned, and she happened to be another mixed aka half contestant. Her name is Priyanka Yoshikawa, and she is half Japanese and half Indian. And as Ariana Miyamoto experienced backlash, so is she. 

I often watch a YouTuber called, The Japanese Man Yuta. He tends to interview Japanese people on opinions of certain matters. Sometimes they're controversial, sometimes they're not, but I find them interesting.

He believed that the media was portraying Japan wrongly in regards to the win of Priyanka Yoshikawa saying that most people were fine with her win and support this. In his video, indeed most people were fine with her win. 

However, these interviews are conducted in Tokyo, and the people who are being interviewed are people who are okay with people filmed and having their face put on YouTube, which is not common. Japanese are very private, so needless to say, the people he is filming tend to be more outgoing people. Which, although it was interesting to watch indeed it does make the results a bit skewed.

So, I took the opportunity to use my high school students at the eikawa I work at to see what they thought about her opinion. I was curious to see what my students had to say. I have 7 students, 3 males and 4 females. All are high school students except for one who is a third year in junior high school. 

I first showed them a general video about Priyanka Yoshikawa so they could get background information on her. Then, I showed them the video made by Yuta, so they could see some different views on the matter. Then I asked students whether they believed it was okay that she represented Japan or did they believe that someone "full Japanese" would be better and why?

5 of my students were okay with Priyanka representing Japan,  4 girls and 1 male. The reasons being because she was born and raised in Japan so that makes her Japanese. The second reason being, she was nominated to win so clearly people believed that she would make a good representation of Japan. 
There were 2 male students who did not support her win. Their reasons were that she is not full Japanese so she is not an accurate representation of Japan. The second reason being, that Japanese beauty is unique and her being half does not show the "true Japanese beauty."

The overall consensus was indeed that most people considered her Japanese because she was born and raised in Japan but of course, there is a small amount that believe that because she is half she is not really Japanese.

I was a bit disappointed in my students who opposed her win, but I was happy that they even voiced their true opinion since most Japanese do not and they were the last ones who voiced their opinions.

And of course, we know that the countryside is still very traditional. My bosses told me that where I live, their way of thinking is equivalent to my parent's generation. 

Though Japan is changing on some strict traditional views, especially the youth in the city, the countryside still has a way to go. But I was happy that most of my students supported her win.

I had my students talk about their opinions on tattoos which will be posted later as well.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Aoshima Beach Park.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

After Sun Messe, we headed to Aoshima which was close to our hotel. The weather was perfect to head to the beach. This beach was lovely! Not only was there little to no people, but the beach had it's own beach park! They had cute little food stands and clothes stands. Me and Lisa would have got something but we were meeting some old friends of hers later so we had to save our appetite.

But this beach is probably my favorite beach in Japan so far. The people are so fun and outgoing and the beach was just so oshare and cute!

After the beach, we headed to meet her friends at Aeon Mall and we ate chicken nanban, which I immediately fell in love with. Apparently, it's Miyazaki's soul food.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

island vibes.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

After Udo Shrine, Sun Messe was our next stop! We drove along the ocean with the windows down and sang along to cliche summer songs, "Island in the Sun" by Weezer, "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. We butchered the songs but it was so fun.

When we arrived at Sun Messe we were a bit hungry so we decided to eat some mango soft serve since Miyazaki is known for their mangos.

The weather was good, and the view were lovely. Me and Lisa wanted to get a go-cart and drive it around Sun Messe but you need a Japanese drivers license, Lisa was pretty bummed. But we got to exercise more lol.

Sun Messe definitely had the best things for omiyage so I stocked up here.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

sapphire blue oceans & shrines in caves.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Me and Lisa ended up planning a trip to Kyushu for our summer vacation. I wanted a little getaway and Lisa was down for one as well. After seeing photos of my older sister's trip in Jamaica, I craved the beach (which is rare).

Lisa told me about Miyazaki, a place she used to live when she first came to Japan. She said it's pretty much forgotten now with little to no tourism but it has lovely beaches that many local surfers go to. It sounded lovely so I was of course up for it.

I later realized that Miyazaki was home of the Japanese gods and it had Takachiho gorge, a place on my bucket-list. I was sold.

I stayed at her place the night before and we headed early to our flight where we landed in Miyazaki pretty early. We got our rental car, ate, and headed to our first destination: Udo Shrine.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Well, it's been a while since I've posted. That work life tends to get in the way of doing fun things, especially the Japanese work life. I'll post an update post soon, but there are still so many other posts I'm behind about. So I wanted to finish those before I get more behind. So back to the summer vacation posts.

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Me and K have been wanting to go to this pizza place that my students told me about back when I first started teaching but it was only open on the weekends and he usually visits me during the week since he works weekends.

We finally got a chance to go though, and it was a cute pizza shop owned by two elderly people where they cooked the pizza in their own stone oven. It differently had a nice, cozy, western feel to it. And the pizza was amazingly good.

I usually don't care much for margherita pizza but this tasted so good, I loved it more than my chorizo jalepeno pizza (which was also really good)! They also had their drinks in nice vintage soda bottles. I loved that, reminded me of Mexico ironically.