Saturday, August 27, 2016

shrine of wolves.

Friday, August 19th, 2016

Me and K were going to go to DMM Planets out in Odaiba but because we woke up late and were feeling lazy we decided to pass. K wanted to still do something so he mentioned a shrine he heard about in the mountains of Chichibu, apparently it's really big, big enough to be Kanto's largest power spot. It also has guardians as wolves so I was sold.

The shrine was on the very top of the mountain in a forest and had a beautiful view. The greenery was amazing, I never get tired of forests. 

Apparently the shrine is for the gods who were said to have made the islands of Japan. This shrine is the only shrine with wolf guardians, they're usually foxes or lions. K also told me this is where Hayao Miyazaki got some inspiration for Princess Mononoke. 

Both me and K were obsessed with the wolf statues. I got him an ema board with traditional painting of Japanese wolves, a white one and black one. And he got me a little statue of a white wolf, it actually is a bottle of nihonshu but I'm not a fan of alcohol so I shall keep it as a statue and K can drink the alcohol lol.

This has officially become my favorite shrine.

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