Saturday, August 6, 2016

hidden cafes in roppongi.

I went out to Tokyo from the 1st of August to the 5th. I had some things to do, mostly getting my tattoo, translating my drivers license, and meeting up with Lisa. I did a few other stuff in between which ended up being cool as well.

Monday, August 2nd, 2016

The day after I started my wolf tattoo, I went to Roppongi with K to get my drivers license translated. I was hoping it would be easy, and it was. And super quick! I'm low key scared as fuck to take the Japanese drivers test since I heard it's crazy hard and everyone fails the first time but at least I'm one step closer to getting it done!

The translation has to be done at JAF, but it's a simple form you fill out there with your license. And if you have any trouble, they help you! It only took 2 hours to translate which sounds long, but totally isn't since they let you leave. You just get a number and come back at the time they tell you! I went back to the car with K after I turned in my application and watch Mad Max (which was awesome).

Afterwards, I picked up my translation of my license and I was on my merry way. Oh, and it cost 3000 yen, in case you were wondering.

After that, me and K decided to eat somewhere. So we wandered about looking for a place to eat and came across this cute ass little restaurant. It was still lunch time when we got there and they had this self serve appetizer table which had so many different things and were all light, perfect for the horrible heat.

The menu was limited and I was super hungry so I didn't want to order something i didn't like so I just played it safe and got a sausage pasta. Which was pretty good. K got this white fish cooked Mexican style, which meant lots of lemon and it was amazingly good.

I'm always skeptical with Mexican food in Japan which was why I didn't order it but that was perfect. He luckily shared it with me. It's been forever since I've had something with lemon! I took a photo but I've been a shit photographer lately (not that I've ever been good).

After lunch, we headed out to Nihonbashi to see the amazing art aquarium I've been wanting to see for years.

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