Friday, July 29, 2016

cheap drinks & nostalgic karaoke.

My summer vacation already began last week. I haven't done much besides relax at home tbh. I've been coming out to Tokyo to meet up with friends a bit.

I came out the last 2 days two meet up with 2 friends, one being KY and the other being Laura a fellow blogger.

Thursday, July 27th, 2016
I came out to Tokyo to see the doctor, just to make it easier with English since I was already heading out there to see friends. Afterwards, I check in at my airbnb place which was off the Toyoko Line. 

I missed the Toyoko line, going on it reminded me of when I was studying abroad in Japan. It was so crazy to be on it again. 

It was pretty warm so I just chilled at the airbnb at Gakugeidaigaku until I waited for my friend to get off work. I explored a bit and came across some quirky things, found a Nazi sticker of Mickey a bunch of times in the neighborhood though. Not too fond of that.

We met at meguro where we headed off to a cheap izakaya that he knew of. We've been cool since I was in California but it was the first time I met him in Japan, and it was chill. 

After being a good amount of buzzed, he headed to do karaoke. It's been forever since I've done karaoke, I think the last time I did it was when I was in Japan studying abroad. And I haven't been to an izakaya in forever either. I haven't been going out much since coming back actually.

We sang the random songs, Yellowcard, Blink-182, Weezer, and of course no karaoke would be complete without the Digimon theme song, "Butterfly."

We stayed out longer than planned but it was fun, it's been a good while since I did something like that.

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