Friday, July 29, 2016

cheap drinks & nostalgic karaoke.

My summer vacation already began last week. I haven't done much besides relax at home tbh. I've been coming out to Tokyo to meet up with friends a bit.

I came out the last 2 days two meet up with 2 friends, one being KY and the other being Laura a fellow blogger.

Thursday, July 27th, 2016
I came out to Tokyo to see the doctor, just to make it easier with English since I was already heading out there to see friends. Afterwards, I check in at my airbnb place which was off the Toyoko Line. 

I missed the Toyoko line, going on it reminded me of when I was studying abroad in Japan. It was so crazy to be on it again. 

It was pretty warm so I just chilled at the airbnb at Gakugeidaigaku until I waited for my friend to get off work. I explored a bit and came across some quirky things, found a Nazi sticker of Mickey a bunch of times in the neighborhood though. Not too fond of that.

We met at meguro where we headed off to a cheap izakaya that he knew of. We've been cool since I was in California but it was the first time I met him in Japan, and it was chill. 

After being a good amount of buzzed, he headed to do karaoke. It's been forever since I've done karaoke, I think the last time I did it was when I was in Japan studying abroad. And I haven't been to an izakaya in forever either. I haven't been going out much since coming back actually.

We sang the random songs, Yellowcard, Blink-182, Weezer, and of course no karaoke would be complete without the Digimon theme song, "Butterfly."

We stayed out longer than planned but it was fun, it's been a good while since I did something like that.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

JALT, Costco, and Life Lessons.

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

I was invited by my boss to go to this education seminar, it was being hosted by JALT which I previously heard of in my teaching English as a second language class. I really wanted to do something, and missed being in a classroom setting so I decided to go.

My boss picked me up around 12:30 and we headed out to Gunma. It was held in a university in Maebashi. There's definitely more there than in Minano to be quite honest.

After getting a bit lost, we ended up in the right building where we were welcomed by other foreigners in Japan, most of them were much older and would be considered veterans. Tbh, I wasn't too interested in the topic. It was about exploratory practice which is about conducting research with your students to help establish a better quality of life if I remember the topic correctly. I don't plan to teach English as a career so although I did listen, it wasn't of interest to me. But I loved hearing other people's opinions and critiques on the subject.

There was a 15 minute break, which seemed much longer. I got to talk to several people who had been living in Japan for 20+ years. They were asking me questions about my future plans since I was one of the youngest there, and talking to them was able to help me figure out a bit more what I want to do.

I also met another ALT, we'll call her Anne. She was contracted by Interac and is working is a really small town in Gunma that apparently no one has heard of. But I think Minano is about the same. But when I told everyone I lived in Chichibu they said it's a great place! Besides snobby Tokyo people, most people say how great of a place Chichibu is. And I agree, for it being in the country side, it couldn't be any better!

After the break and further discussion the seminar was over. My boss asked me if I wanted to check out Costco since we were in Gunma and of course i said yes. My little sis was just telling me how she wanted me to go to Costco in Japan.

Costco in Japan is pretty much exactly the same as in America, so it was nice to get a little bit of home in Japan. I bought lots of food, tortilla chips, cereal, and chia seeds being the things I was most happy about.

We also ate in the food court. I got a bulgogi bake since it's not something you can get in the US and an acai smoothie which is pretty similar to the berry berry smoothie but just not as sweet!

Afterwards, it was a bit of a drive home with traffic but me and my boss talked the whole way. I love my boss, she's like an older sister, aunt, friend, all in one. She really takes care of me and it's nice to have a fellow american to talk about controversial topics going on in the world. She was also giving me life advice that really resonated with me. And I plan to follow it. Sometimes, its nice to get advice from someone who isn't too close to you. You get more of an objective perspective. She made me feel a lot better, but gave me a bit more to think about.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hellos and Goodbyes.

Saturday, July 9th, 2016

It's been a good while since I have taken purikura. Kinda missed it lol. Well, I met up with Tia in Japan for the first time. She got accepted into a fashion school of London so before heading out to England she wanted to have a but of a vacation in Japan.

We always talked about meeting in Japan, and though it was a bit different from planned, it was still nice to meet up with her. We didn't do much besides eat and talk because that week I happened to be working overtime and my insomnia was only letting me get 3-5 hours of sleep each night.

After meeting up with Tia and her friend, I ended up meeting up Lyy since she will be leaving Japan for a bit. Since I was tired we just met at Kichioji and at a cafe she likes.

I had this amazing salad with meat, I usually don't care for meat but this meat was amazing. I also had a cold matcha latte which was really good. We ended up staying there from 5 to 10ish just talking. Seriously felt like old times.

We were talking about our thoughts now, our future plans, the past, so much. We ended up getting some dessert which was also good, of course my dessert was a matcha parfait lol.

When we went back to her place in Tachikawa we stayed up till 7am. Part of it was the insomnia and part of it was just because we were talking about so much. I reminded me of our Nagoya trips. Going to be waiting for Lyy to come back, we have things planned already.

On other note, it's soon going to be summer vacation for me, 9 days I believe? And it's for a whole month! Even a little more, I'm super excited. August is the hottest month and i want to stay in my apartment and do nothing.

I'm hoping to travel a bit too as well if I can figure out somethings. And of course, Tokyo trips to see friends. Summer break~

Monday, July 4, 2016

happy july.

I can't believe it's already July, time sure flies. I looked at my calendar and thought about how it seemed like last summer was not too long ago. Last July, I went on a road trip with my baby sis (still need to finish those posts) and got a job with the goal of saving up money to move to Japan.

And now, here I am. In Japan, working, living my life, simple but satisfying, for the moment. It never ceases to surprise me how quickly things can change in a year, months, even weeks.

People ask me constantly how's Japan and what I'm doing, I know they're hoping for an exciting response but the truth is, my life is not exciting. I'm just a normal girl who wasn't happy with her life back home and decided to move to a new place and make the life she always wanted.

And what is that? To just work a decent job, get tattoos, travel here and there, and hang out with her friends on simple outings. And that's all I have been doing tbh, I haven't really traveled yet but I will once I overcome my laziness of planning a trip.

I'm also bound to write an entry about my job and what my experience of teaching English has been like. Summer vacation is around the corner, and I'm excited to laze around and maybe plan a small trip somewhere, whether it's in Japan or somewhere close by. We'll see!