Wednesday, June 8, 2016

driving with no destination.

Saturday, May 28th, 2016

After the waterfalls, me and Lyy just decided to drive because there was nowhere I wanted to take her to till night time. We drove on highway 140 for a bit and ended up in Chichibu and just kept driving until we came across a temple.

It was completely random, but the temple was so nice. It was one of the nicest temples that both me and Lyy had seen. The best places are the ones you randomly come across.

Afterwards, we ate sushi and I took her Mino-yama. It's a mountain in my town that has a park on top. The view at night is gorgeous, and reminds me of LA views so I wanted to show Lyy. The view of the stars was also nice. And there was no moon in the sky so you could see the stars clearly. We stayed there talking for quite some time, until we started to get cold and head back.

Drifters usually go to this mountain as well, so I was hoping I could show Lyy but there were only a few that night and they were drifting while we were enjoying the view, maybe another time!

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