Tuesday, May 10, 2016

First month back.

View while doing the laundry.

It's been a while! Things have been hectic since moving to Japan, but the good hectic. Living in the countryside is obviously different from living in Tokyo but I don't hate it. I actually really enjoy it. It has a lot of perks.

As lame as it sounds, in surprised by how friendly country people are. I probably have my views of country people skewed due to American country folk.

My neighbors are super nice and invited me and my friend for a BBQ over golden week. They were interested in California and even tattoos which totally surprised me. They both had tattoos and her husband does it as a hobby. It's pretty cool and very much surprising and relieving because my friend is covered in tattoos and we didn't know how my neighbors would react being inaka and all.

My coworkers are also really nice and funny. They definitely try to communicate with me though they can't speak English and my Japanese sucks lol. The students are also super entertaining, the girls are sweet and the boys are hilarious. Junior high in America and Japan are totally different. Probably also the countryside plays a factor.

I go to Tokyo on the weekends every now and then and friends visit me as well. There's not much to do besides outdoor activities but living in Minano is really nice. The green hills are so pretty! And driving everywhere isn't too bad since everything is pretty close. It is actually pretty similar to California tbh.

I have lots to post about which I will try to catch up slowly! Mostly due to wifi difficulties but definitely will be trying to post more!

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