Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fighting evil by moonlight.

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

I was able to meet up with Lisa, after following your blog in the past and mutually following each other on Instagram for quite some time we were able to make time to meet. We have a mutually good friend, Jenn! So I was excited to meet Lisa.

We decided to go to the Sailor Moon exhibit. I know, I know, everyone is posting about it. But I kinda really wanted to go.

I grew up with Sailor Moon, and it was probably my favorite anime as a child. In the US, we struggled with having Sailor Moon be cancelled and then come back, only to be cancelled again. It was so heartbreaking. So me and my sisters would get Sailor Moon merchandise whenever we came across it because it wasn't common.

The exhibit was pretty cool, it was nice to see the artwork. Some of the pieces in the exhibition gallery were covers of my American Sailor Moon comic books I bough when I was elementary school. I still have those comics somewhere is storage.

Sailor Moon toys were also on display where I saw a similar model of my Sailor Venus doll. I'm telling you, I loved Sailor Moon. My love for planets developed from Sailor Moon.

I was always more fond of the outer Sailor Scouts because they were more mature and mysterious. Sailor Saturn and Neptune were always my favorite.

Since me and Lisa went to the exhibit on a Sunday, it was super crowded. Luckily, the late wasn't too long to enter the exhibit and it was pretty chill. However, what was not chill was the cafe wait. To get into the Sailor Moon cafe we would have to wait 2 hours. Me and Lisa were not down for that.

The food in the cafe doesn't even look appetizing, it's more for pictures, so we decided to pass and go to a cheaper cafe with no wait that still tasted good.

We headed to Shimokitazawa were we talked and chilled for a few hours and walked around and explored a bit. Lisa lives close by so I followed her lead. It was cool to explore because I hadn't been to Shimokitazawa since I went with Hopy when I first came to Japan 2 years ago. So crazy.

It was good meeting up with Lisa and doing something a bit different than usual.

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