Friday, March 4, 2016

the last bookstore.

Thursday after me and my sister left the Consulate of Japan we headed to The Last Bookstore, my little sis thought it would cheer me up since I was giving myself such a hard time about forgetting my passport.

It did make me feel somewhat better, she came across it online. It's this huge place was tons of new books, used books, and art. It really had a nice feel. If I lived in LA, I'd probably come here consistently to get books and just read and chill. They even had a records sections with several different type of vintage vinyls.

I saw The Little Prince and Harry Potter coloring book and I wanted it so bad, but I decide to be an adult and not buy it due to moving and lack of money. It was definitely a nice place and it was really close to the Consulate where we walked.

Mind you, it being LA and all, the walk was not too pleasant. Lots of homeless and sketchy people and different spots of the street that smelled like piss. Walking in broad daylight is totally okay, and with someone. Definitely WOULD NOT recommend going at night, going by yourself is okay, but still would probably be best to have someone there even in the day. Better safe than sorry!

I've honestly been to LA more these past couple months than I have been my whole life. And I can say, that I do really enjoy downtown LA, the more kept parts of course. It's unfortunate it's so expensive and so impractical living there, but there's a lot to do. I love the downtown areas of cities.

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