Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Another goodbye.

I know this post is going to probably sound repetitive because it's another goodbye but this was something I definitely had to post. I mentioned before I was volunteering tutoring English at my local library to immigrants. I took some training over the summer but it's one thing to have the training and it's another thing to do it.

I had a I had a 55 year old Mexican woman and it was definitely difficult to develop lesson plans that I believed would suit her. And she previously didn't have such good experiences with other English teaching services that were available. I didn't want to leave her with another negative experience. Luckily after the first few sessions I was able to establish a routine that she liked and would be able to learn from.

For the longest time I was worried that she didn't like my lesson plans and wasn't learning anything but when I told her that I was leaving to Japan and when she asked when I was coming back I told her I told her I was not sure if I was coming back anytime soon. She exclaimed, "Oh no! You're the only teacher I have ever learned with! I wish you wouldn't go!" and that made me so happy and sad at the same time.

I was honestly so surprised and it meant so much to me. I told her she could have her next teacher use my lesson plans to help.

And today was my last day, so she came to our meeting with the bouquet. She wished me the best in my life and blessed me and whatnot. It was nice because it reminded me of what my mom does. I wish her the best in the her life too.

Saying goodbyes are always a bit sad, but I'm looking forward to the future.
13 days till Japan.

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