Tuesday, February 16, 2016

in that moment, we were infinite.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I went to LA with my sisters to go to a museum that just opened recently called "The Broad." I was super excited because it had Yayoi Kusama's exhibit of the Infitiy Mirrored Room. I had been wanting to see this ever since I cam across it on Tumblr and I'm so happy I was able to.

The rest of the museum was great too. My older sister isn't into modern art but she was able to have fun and me and my little sister would poke fun to make it more interesting for her.

It was a great day, me and my sisters haven't had a day out forever. This was actually my late birthday present, this was what I originally wanted to do but it was too last minute.

We also went to the Grand Central Marketplace where there was so much to eat. I wanted to eat at Eggslut because it's so well-known but the wait was too long so me and my older sister got Thai while my little sis got pizza. It was so good.

Happy very be-lated birthday to me!

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