Saturday, February 27, 2016

I'll paint you a picture, with words I miss her.

Yesterday I went to Neck Deep, State Champs and Knuckle Puck. It was a really good show. State Champs is amazing live, the energy and the vocalist voice. It got me pumped up for Neck Deep. Neck Deep is one of my favorite bands so I was so stoked to see them live.

I had so much fun, and was on the floor dancing and singing along to all the words of every song. They played all the songs I wanted, and was super surprised they played Serpents. But I'm super happy they played 'Over and Over', Kali Ma, Lime St. and of course, Part of Me. Of course all the songs they played made me happy but those songs are my absolute favorites.

This was my last concert in California and I was so happy it was Neck Deep.
1 month and 2 days till Japan.

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