Thursday, February 18, 2016

A day in LA.

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

One of Jenny's roommate's, 'Good Guy' was going out to LA and invited us so we decided to go because Jenny didn't want to stay home. Apparently there was going to be this thing for photographers to shoot.

We met at 'Good Guy's' friend's place. He was a photographer, and had a lot of snapbacks. The other guy was a Chinese who lived in Germany most of his life, which is pretty cool. Anyways, we all met and chilled at Snapback's place. Eventually he headed out to LA where a car meet was going to be happening.

It was pretty cool, though it was small. Free things + free tacos made it all the better. After checking out the car meet we headed back to Snapback's place where we met other people, a whole lot of other people and his roommate.

We went to go eat Korean bbq in Koreatown and it was delicious. We met another friend of Snapback's who was half Colombian and Asian (forgot what kind). He was pretty nice, and everyone graduated from UCI as well.

After KBBQ, Snapback had to do some photography at a club called Lure. I didn't feel like clubbing AT ALL. Especially since we went the night before. But I took one for the team, big mistake.

It was horrible. The whole time at the club sucked so bad. Guys trying to touch you, bad music, and expensive drinks. No, thank you. I was happy to leave the club. At least I saw LMFAO perform and didn't have to pay a cover, but it was not worth it.

We went back to Snapback's place and just chilled. Some drank some more but me and Snapback just smoked and chilled. We ended up staying over at his place and decided to head back to Orange County in the morning.

Overall, it was a pretty good day besides the clubbing. The chillin' and smoking with Snapback made it better.

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