Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jesse's Graduation Party & New Years Resolutions.

Last night was my little sister's boyfriend's graduation party. It was my first outing of 2016 and it was fun. I got to meet more of his friends and family and became good friends with one person in particular, we decided we are going to be travel buddies lol.

It was nice spending time with my sister as well, since when we usually hang out it's one on one or with her boyfriend. But that was the first time in a while since I've hung out with her in a group. Needless to say, I have lots of things to look forward to and think 2016 will be a good year.

I looked at my resolutions for last year and am happy to say I did most of what I wanted to do, except study Japanese and workout more. Build up my style more? Check, and it's still an ongoing process. Messed around with makeup more? Check, but still an ongoing process as well. Do more photo shoots? Check. Save up for Japan? Check.

Work out more. I know, this is everyone's and it's the same thing every year. But I hope within the 3 months that I have access to a good gym that I will take advantage of it. I already started in December and stopped during the holidays and am doing it again. I'm hoping having my mom as a gym buddy will motivate me and so far it is. I'm content with my body but if I can become happier I would want to. I doubt I'd be able to workout in Japan like I've been doing here so for now, this is just for the last 3 months here in California. 
Get my tattoos. Finally, with my starting my career and being able to support myself I will be able to get my tattoos. I've been wanting them for the longest time and held off on them because of my parents but now, with my starting my own life and using my own money there is no need to hold back. I'm looking forward to this the most. 
Travel. Again, hopefully with my starting my career and being able to support myself I will be able to also travel to many places that I've been wanting to go and take some things off my bucket-list
Pick up an outdoor hobby. I've been wanting to do something new. I have several in door hobbies, but want to be more active and do something outdoor.
Improve my Japanese. Hopefully with me living in the countryside it will help with me learning Japanese and if I take the time to also study here and there I can get closer to where I want to be language wise. 
Continue to build up my style. I've become very content with my style and I know it's a work in progress so I hope it continues to keep growing.

I always seem to do six new years resolutions unintentionally. But, I'm excited for this new year. I already have several things I'm looking forward to. My life is going to be busy until I move to Japan in March and I'm going to make most of the time I have left in California.

I don't know how my life is going to be in Japan, being a student and working are two completely different things. I'm just going to play it year by year and see where I end up. Hoping for the best!

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