Saturday, January 16, 2016

I know you too well to like you.

Photographer: Grunge Gypsee
Wardrobe: Vita Girl Vintage

I've been under the weather recently. I feel alright, it's just that my throat is killing me and I lost my voice. It's gotten better, but I hope it's completely better by Monday because I have an important shoot.

Despite being sick, and probably against my better judgement, I went to a concert on Thursday night. Again, it was a band I didn't know but my friend liked and wanted me to check them out. It was a ska band called Reel Big Fish, and I loved them as soon as I heard them. Not only do they play well live but their music is just so fun you can't help but dance and sing along.

Also, their music is awesome after a break up or something of that sort. It's like, up-beat 'fuck you' music. I enjoyed the concert a lot.

Yesterday, again despite my better judgement I started the volunteering at the elementary school. It was fun, and the kids were cute. Unfortunately, I fucked up my voice more because I was reading to the children.

I'm going out tomorrow because I'm going to be going to San Diego for the shoot on Monday. I hope I will be well by then because this shoot is extremely important to me. This is what happens when you try to do too many things at once, and bad timing. Hoping for the best!

In case you were wondering, 2 months and 13 days till Japan.

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