Friday, December 25, 2015

last christmas.

Christmas this year was actually pretty lovely. Since it was going to our last Christmas together as a family we decided to try to do fun things, well my older sister did. I'm moving to Japan, my little sister is going to grad school and my older sister is trying to get a place of her own with her husband. It's crazy how quickly time goes by, and how quickly we each begin our lives.

As usual, we celebrated on Christmas eve with a Christmas eve dinner, afterwards we went to go see the lights on Thoroughbred which is a street that the houses go all out with decorating their homes. It wasn't as good as it used to be but it was still nice.

We ended up coming home after seeing the lights and playing UNO for a good while, my parents really got into it lol. Since my parents sleep early we decided to open our presents. This was the first time in years we had presents thanks to my older sister wanting to do a Secret Santa. It was really nice.

We ended up going to sleep pretty early. I stayed up to talk to my friend Frosting though, his birthday was Christmas Day and I wanted to wish him a happy birthday and talk to him because we haven't really talked since I quit working.

Christmas morning was nice, me and my younger sister came down to my older sister and her husband in the kitchen, and my mom cooking papas con chorizo which is one of my favorite dishes.

We made gingerbread cookies that my older sister bought at Disneyland, they were Mickey gingerbread cookies. It was pretty sloppy with the frosting but it turned out cute overall and delicious.

My parents went to church and me and my little sister stayed home and watched a movie, The Longest Ride. We randomly stumbled across it, and it ended up being a beautiful movie.

It was good family time. Something we hadn't had during the holidays in a good while. This was probably one of the best Christmases we had together. A good way to end the year.

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