Sunday, December 20, 2015

hipster joints & metalcore concerts.

Friday, December 19, 2015

My friend, Thomas came out to California to visit. We were going to do a shoot and go to a concert of Coldrain, it was also a plus that Northlane and Volumes were performing.

We left my house around 12:30pm to go to Orange County and chill there for a bit before the concert began. I wanted to take him to the Anaheim Packing District because it looked cool and heard it had some good food.

Sure enough, it looked awesome and pretty hipster. We went to the Hammer bar and had a couple drinks. The drinks tasted great, we were going to drink more but decided to get some food. We ate some lemon pepper chicken wings which were a tad oily but so flavorful!

And of course, we needed to get the famous popbar popsicles. It was definitely worth the hype. The bars were so milky and thick. I had green tea with waffle cone and I forgot what else, the girl suggested it would taste like a green tea kitkat and she was right, it was bomb.

After we explored the place a bit more me and Thomas decided to go to the venue and just chill. He wanted to see if he could get a chance to talk to one of his friends in the band before the show and sure enough he did. It was nice to see how happy he was catching up with his friend.

We talked for a bit and he even offered to get us on the guest list but unfortunately is was full. It was alright because the venue was small anyways. After they caught up we went back to my truck and sat at the back of it while Thomas smoked and we just talked.

It was eventually time for the show and it was great. The local band that first opened wasn't my cup of tea but the rest of the bands were great. Coldrain sounded amazing as always and I was glad that the crowd was feeling them.

We watched the other bands and bought some merchandise and Thomas caught up with more friends. We actually ended up leaving a bit early because we were tired and hungry so we went to In-N-Out. I needed Thomas to try In-N-Out, it's very Californian.

Sure enough, he really liked it. It's either a hit or miss with In-N-Out with people. It's mostly a hit though. We ended up driving home listening to coldrain's new album on the way back.

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