Sunday, November 1, 2015

she sleeps beneath the surface, consorting with the serpents.

This Halloween was a good Halloween. I decided to do something last minute. Literally, the day before so I decided to pick an easy costume. 

I ended up being a student from the House of Slytherin. I really loved my costume lol. My older sister was R2D2 and her husband was Luke Skywalker.

Me, my older sister, and her husband went to have dinner at a Korean/Mexican fusion restaurant. It was so good. After dinner, we went to a bar/lounge called Walter's at downtown Claremont to meet my sister's friends. 

The place was huge. There were several areas to sit and talk and there was a dance floor with a dj and an area with a live band. We stayed with the live band, the atmosphere was much better.

I was really enjoying the music and dancing along to the beat. The band played funk / hip hop and sounded great. My friend Frosting came to meet us and it made the night even better. We stayed till late. Me and Frosting and my sister went different ways.

We went to eat Del Taco before we went to another place in Pomona but we ended up chillin and eating in the car that we didn't feel like going to another bar so we decided to go to our spot in the mountains. 

It was really nice, we got a good spot that had an amazing view of the city lights. We listened to music and took a nap because we were pretty tired haha. Eventually he took me back home before it got any later.

It was a simple night, but it was a good one.

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