Sunday, November 22, 2015

Things to look forward to.

On Friday I went out to Orange County to do a shoot for my love, Tia. She is getting her portfolio ready to apply to different fashion colleges and wanted me to model one of her pieces. I'm so happy because I haven't been able to model any of her clothes in forever because of me when I was in Japan, school, and now work. But I was lucky enough to be able to do this one.

It was more work than play, I drove out just for the shoot and ate afterwards with her and her family, and met her friend Tina who was modeling her other clothes but we didn't get to catch up much or anything.  But I did get to catch up with her parents which was nice.

Her mom asked if I wanted to sleep over so I wouldn't have to drive back but I had work in the morning so I had to decline. Tia will be done with school soon though so I will be seeing her on her winter break.

In other news, next week is my birthday. I don't know if I want to do anything. I wanted to go to an art exhibit but my sisters might not be able to go due to conflict of schedules. We'll see. My friends want to do something but I don't like celebrating birthdays, hype leads to disappointment in my opinion.

Good news though, my friend Thomas is coming out to California from Colorado so we can see coldrain in December. And I have a new friend at work who also likes metal and wants to take me to concerts. The first week of December we are going to a concert already, I'm pretty excited. 

So many things to catch up on, but I'll save it for other posts. All that needs to be known right now is that there are some bumps, but for the most part I'm heading in the right direction and I have things to look forward to.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

When did the diamonds leave your bones?

I needed a pick me up again, and I got it.

I went to Six Feet Under tattoo parlor to see when I can schedule a touch up for my tattoos. During the process, I got talked into contemplating getting a tattoo before I leave to Japan (that will be another post.) I know, it's crazy but money wise it makes sense.

He remembered me from when I came in to get my first tattoo. We talked about several things besides tattoos but what I remembered what he told me was:
"don't let anyone hold you back. you have the world at your fingertips. you're a beautiful and intelligent young lady, you can do whatever you want. it's other people that tell you otherwise"
I'll admit, that really got to me. I probably would have started to tear up but I kept my composure, didn't want him to realize how fucked up I really was lol.

Tattoos always make me feel better. I literally got out of work feeling like shit randomly and remembered I wanted to go to the parlor to get information. Little did I know, that I would have a great conversation that would leave me feeling inspired and confident.

You need pick me ups every now and then. You need to meet new people who've been places and think differently. Being stuck in the same place with the same kind of people really takes a tole on your mindset.

I know I said it before but it's true. It's all about mindset, I need to keep my head up. Remind myself that this is temporary and that I have big things coming ahead.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

she sleeps beneath the surface, consorting with the serpents.

This Halloween was a good Halloween. I decided to do something last minute. Literally, the day before so I decided to pick an easy costume. 

I ended up being a student from the House of Slytherin. I really loved my costume lol. My older sister was R2D2 and her husband was Luke Skywalker.

Me, my older sister, and her husband went to have dinner at a Korean/Mexican fusion restaurant. It was so good. After dinner, we went to a bar/lounge called Walter's at downtown Claremont to meet my sister's friends. 

The place was huge. There were several areas to sit and talk and there was a dance floor with a dj and an area with a live band. We stayed with the live band, the atmosphere was much better.

I was really enjoying the music and dancing along to the beat. The band played funk / hip hop and sounded great. My friend Frosting came to meet us and it made the night even better. We stayed till late. Me and Frosting and my sister went different ways.

We went to eat Del Taco before we went to another place in Pomona but we ended up chillin and eating in the car that we didn't feel like going to another bar so we decided to go to our spot in the mountains. 

It was really nice, we got a good spot that had an amazing view of the city lights. We listened to music and took a nap because we were pretty tired haha. Eventually he took me back home before it got any later.

It was a simple night, but it was a good one.