Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pleasant Surprise II

It's funny how after I wrote that post about my co-worker we ended up hanging out after work and just chillin' at his place. It turns out, we both want the same thing which is, we aren't aiming for anything and we are just going with the flow of things.

We aren't looking for anything serious but if it turns out that way we aren't going to push it away either. It kinda reminds me of how it was with M, but with M it was a tad different.

I do like hanging out with my co-worker though, I like it when I can be myself and they are affectionate with no strings attached. It sounds weird but as long as I have someone I can chill with, be myself with, get personal, and have fun; that's all I really need. 

I definitely wasn't expecting this, but it's definitely nice.

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