Tuesday, August 25, 2015

But for you, I'd leave it all.

It's crazy that it's already the end of August, time goes by super fast. Even more so when you're working than when you're in school. I haven't been doing much besides working, getting closer to my co-workers and hanging out with that one co-worker, J. That's what I'm going to refer to him as now.

It was actually his birthday this past Friday and he had a party on Saturday that I went to with my friend, Frosting. It's a nickname I gave him lol. It was more of a kickback so it was pretty chill, besides bitchy girls but what's new?

I am excited it's going to be fall soon! I'm waiting for the leaves to start turning colors, the pumpkin flavored everything, and the cooler weather. It's been hot and humid in California lately, reminds me of Japan.

Speaking of, I will soon be applying to jobs for Japan. Kinda nervous/stressful/exciting, but mostly the first two lol. And on that note, I leave you with this feel good song I've had on repeat this summer.

Give me one good reason why I should never make a change,
 And baby if you hold me then all of this will go away.

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