Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer Nights.

Friday night I went with J and some friends to Buffalo Wild Wings. It was pretty chill, the guys were watching football and we were talking about traveling and life. We drank some beer and ate and then headed to our coworker's house.

The guys smoked and me and our coworker's wife drank and just chilled in the garage. It was warm that day, so the night felt good, typical summer night.

We headed to J's place around midnight. We rolled down the windows and turned on the radio, and Budapest came on. The feeling of driving with the windows down on a warm summer night and singing along with the radio with a group of friends is probably one of the best feelings ever.

I stayed with J for another hour so and then got home around 2am. I had to get up at 5am the next day, but it was a good night.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

But for you, I'd leave it all.

It's crazy that it's already the end of August, time goes by super fast. Even more so when you're working than when you're in school. I haven't been doing much besides working, getting closer to my co-workers and hanging out with that one co-worker, J. That's what I'm going to refer to him as now.

It was actually his birthday this past Friday and he had a party on Saturday that I went to with my friend, Frosting. It's a nickname I gave him lol. It was more of a kickback so it was pretty chill, besides bitchy girls but what's new?

I am excited it's going to be fall soon! I'm waiting for the leaves to start turning colors, the pumpkin flavored everything, and the cooler weather. It's been hot and humid in California lately, reminds me of Japan.

Speaking of, I will soon be applying to jobs for Japan. Kinda nervous/stressful/exciting, but mostly the first two lol. And on that note, I leave you with this feel good song I've had on repeat this summer.

Give me one good reason why I should never make a change,
 And baby if you hold me then all of this will go away.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pleasant Surprise II

It's funny how after I wrote that post about my co-worker we ended up hanging out after work and just chillin' at his place. It turns out, we both want the same thing which is, we aren't aiming for anything and we are just going with the flow of things.

We aren't looking for anything serious but if it turns out that way we aren't going to push it away either. It kinda reminds me of how it was with M, but with M it was a tad different.

I do like hanging out with my co-worker though, I like it when I can be myself and they are affectionate with no strings attached. It sounds weird but as long as I have someone I can chill with, be myself with, get personal, and have fun; that's all I really need. 

I definitely wasn't expecting this, but it's definitely nice.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

ROAD TRIP • Hidden Beauties, Golden Fields, & A Sky Full Of Stars

Road Trip Day 1, Part IV
Friday July 8th

Me and Daydee headed towards the place we were going to be staying at. It was close to the Sequoia National Park and on our way to the next destination so it was perfect, thank you Airbnb!

On the way there we were mostly faced with golden and brown mountains but came across a small stream and decided to take photos of it because it looked so pretty! The best part of road trips is the things you find along the way, not even the destinations to be honest, those are just a plus.

After the stream we went to a more secluded area where we where the only ones driving on the road. Is was a super tiny road that was extremely windy tucked in between golden fields. Honestly, the photos don't do it justice. It was a beautiful view, and part of my favorite things we saw on the road.

It was extremely secluded, and we passed several cows which looked so pretty with shiny coats and were so clean with plenty of room to walk around compared to the cows you see in the suburbs in southern California where they are dirty, cramped, and smell so bad. Really made me think about a lot.

Anyways, the place we were headed at was extremely secluded and there were lots of wild animals, we saw wild turkeys! By the time we got there is was getting dark, the place was really tucked in the mountains. Our host was kind enough to also make us dinner so we dropped of our stuff and ate and talked about several things.

She told us about the different animals in the area, they have several mountain lions and even Siberian boars which are as big as cars! No exaggeration, they are around the size of cows with razor sharp tusks.

Our host was of Cherokee indian descent so we learned a bit about her and the people who live there. It's crazy just how different each city is in California. She said there are either really chill people or extremist, such as supremacists or extremist muslims. I'll admit it made me a tad uncomfortable but was good to know.

After dinner, she told us we could go on the hammocks outside and see the millions of stars. I thought she was exaggerating a bit, but she was not.

When the sun set completely the sky slowly became filled with stars. I've never seen so many stars in my life, and I'll admit, it moved me quite a bit. I love stars and that view is something I will never forget. We were able to see several constellations and I stayed out there for a good hour or so, looking at the stars and petting her cat Simba (who was adorable btw).

I even stayed after my sister went in to take a shower. I just chilled there, listened to music, and looked at the sky. Coldplay was definitely perfect for this occasion.

I'll never forget how many stars I saw in the sky that night, and how it made me feel. Honestly, the view of the stars was my favorite thing out of the whole road trip.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy August.

I didn't even realize it was August until I looked at the date to write this post. Life has been pretty decent for the most part, I'm getting used to my new job. I work at a car dealership, and at first it was really hard for me to get used to because the work environment is mostly filled with guys. I've forgotten how straightforward Western guys are tbh.

Since coming back from Japan I haven't had much interaction with people other than my family, classmates, and co-workers at uni. Coming home to a large Hispanic population and working at a male dominated field definitely made me reevaluate several things.

I enjoy my work more now, and know how to joke with the guys now and also how to put them in their place when they are being inappropriate. And my female co-workers are fun to talk to, and definitely help make the day go by faster.

Ironically, I am actually talking to a co-worker here and there with occasional outings. He is really cute, very much my type, and tall (missed tall guys lol). I actually noticed him when I came in for my second interview and he told me that's when he noticed me as well. But, I don't think it is going to go anywhere because I'm not sure if I'm feeling it. He's cool to hang out with, but that's all I'm getting so far.

Can someone say, deja vu of my dating experience at my first year at uni in Irvine? Yeah, that's a mouthful, and very much true.

My younger sister says that I have forgotten how to be wooed, but she also tells me not to settle. Maybe I have, I don't know. I'm just used to being on my own, and I kinda really like it but seeing a cute guy every now and then doesn't hurt either. But also, no point to get invested when I'm leaving to Japan next year.