Friday, July 10, 2015

ROAD TRIP • Slick Rock, Three Rivers


Road Trip Day 1, Part I

Wednesday morning me and my little sister left Rancho and headed to Northern California. Day one was going to be the Sequoia National Park/Forest. Google maps said it was going to be 4 hours, but alas, with traffic it ended up being around 7 hours.

The Sequoia is in central eastern side of California (but Southern Californians tend to refer it as NorCal still), so on the way it was valleys, valleys, and more valleys. Not much different from my hometown, just drier. However, on the way we saw a small lake in between the valleys and decided to just stop there and check it out.

It was called Slick Rock in the small town of Three Rivers. It was so pretty, even though it was in a valley it was one of the prettiest lakes I've ever been to. The water was crystal clear so you could see to the very bottom of the floor.

It was also nice because there was little to no people since it was earlier in the day. If we were planning to stay at Sequoia for longer than a day I definitely would have wanted to spend the a good chunk of the day here.

I can't stop raving about how beautiful it was and I would love to go back again to make the most of it.

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