Saturday, July 11, 2015

ROAD TRIP • Friendly Giants & Slabs of Granite

Road Trip Day 1, Part II

As we got closer to the Sequoia, we passed more creeks, rivers, and the terrain gradually started to become more green. There were several small towns and the names of the rivers began to sound more Native American. 

We also crossed several historical bridges, which me and my sister were really interested. Majority of them were built in the 1920s-1930s. We got off at Pumpkin Hollow Bridge which was built in 1922 above the Kawear River.

Soon after, we reached the Sequoia National Park. The higher we went, the greener it got. It was so beautiful. The scenery was exactly what I had imagined and it looked a lot like what I reblog on Tumblr.

There were several things we wanted to do, but since the traffic set us back a bit we had to take some stuff our list. The caves was the main attraction we decided to remove since it cost money and was a much longer/complicated process.

My sister and I ate lunch and then headed out to take the shuttle to take us around the Sequoias, the first stop was Moro Rock.

Moro Rock is huge and mostly made of granite, you could see it from the entrance of the park at a whoppin' 6,725 feet above sea level. 

We climbed to the top, and the view was nice! I freaked out a tad when there was little to no rail and some parts but for the most part, it didn't feel as high as it looked and the hike up was not as bad as it looked. Of course, the stairs helped.

The weather was suppose to be cloudy with a high chance of thunderstorms, let's just say I'm glad it wasn't.

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