Sunday, July 26, 2015

ROAD TRIP • Crescent Meadow

Road Trip Day 1, Part III
Friday, July 8th 

After going to Moro Rock, we ended up going to the meadow. It was probably my favorite thing in the sequoia park. The meadow was basically like in Bambi, so it was pretty awesome. We also saw 2 baby bears which was cool, but a tad scary because we didn't see momma bear and we didn't want to die lol.

We also saw chipmunks, squirrels, and woodpeckers. Lots of cute wild animals.

The trail was, I believe 2 miles, and it was in a loop so it was pretty straightforward. The forest and the meadow was beautiful, I loved seeing the giant sequoias in the forest with all the green.

The trail ended up taking longer than we thought so we weren't able to see General Sherman, but we saw the tunnel tree which was pretty awesome.

Afterwards we headed back to the main area of the park and headed to our airbnb place since she was making dinner for us and we were starving. Also, because we wanted to leave before it got dark.

So we headed back onto the road to our first bed and breakfast!

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