Thursday, June 25, 2015

Planning ❯❯ Mini Nor-cal Roadtrip

I am officially done with school and my little sister is on break so we are taking advantage of the time we have to go on a road trip to Nor-cal before I secure myself a job (if that will even happen anytime soon.)

Originally, we were going as a family but my dad couldn't take off work so we decided to split the road trip up to two mini trips rather than one large one. Me and my sister will go on our own for a few days and then when my parents are free we will go on a second trip to the parts we didn't go to.

I'm extremely excited! We are planning to go to the Sequoia National Forest to see the giant Sequoias, crystal caves, and waterfalls. As well as the Yosemite National Park with more gorgeous green landscapes, waterfalls, lakes, and hiking trails.

I honestly cannot wait, it's been forever since I've gone hiking. Everything should become more concrete in the next days or so. Me and my little sis are already getting our road trip playlist together.

Beautiful forests, breathtaking waterfalls, glistening lakes, long winding roads, here we come!

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