Friday, June 5, 2015

One last hangout.

It's finals week next week, and already all over campus students are finding quiet spots to study and even sleep due to the intensive studying. I was one of the students finding a random spot to sleep and I went to my old spot my first quarter at my uni where I laid on a bench and used my laptop as a pillow.

I finished my Japanese presentation, and have two more finals to go. One Monday and one Thursday, perfectly spread out to give me enough time to study for both.

Last night I hung out with Hiromi and Maaya one last time. It was a goodbye thing.  It was very nice and chill, I enjoyed hanging out and talking about several things. It was one last good talk tbh.

I will be seeing Hiromi again since she's planning on moving to Tokyo but Maaya is planning on staying in Kansai area, maybe not even move from Kyoto. But me and Hiromi plan on visiting her.

I'm so happy I met Hiromi and cannot wait to meet up in Tokyo. Still job hunting, I have to do my best.

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