Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mariscos / Sangria / Dulce de Leche

Random Mexico Trip, Part 1 

Yesterday, me and my family went to San Diego to apply for Sentri, which is basically just when you get to pass through the borders (international included) easier because you have already have a pre-approved background check, etc.

My parents were really craving mariscos (Mexican sea food) and decided to just cross the border since we were already there (literally 5 minutes away from Mexico). We went to a restaurant called Los Arcos where they had amazing mariscos.

I had soup which had calamari, octopus, oysters, and other yummy sea food. It was delicious and the little chile juice tasted amazing with the octopus, I swear the chile juice was the best combo with the sea food.

Dessert was amazing as well as it was a cappuccino with rum! I couldn't even taste the rum, just how I like my alcohol!

The interior was lovely as well as it was very colorful. Mexico is very colorful in general, which is part of it's charm.

Because the line to cross the border was extremely long when we crossed over we decided to just stay in Mexico all day. We debated to go to Ensenada but decided not to because we didn't want to cross the car, so we decided to explore Tijuana.

We wanted to go to a museum that made you feel like you were actually there, the taxi driver recommended us. Turns out, it was an IMAX theater, but it was still really cool. The theater was in the shape of a dome, similar to an observatory so it was an awesome experience. 

We watched a documentary called "Jerusalem" and when it showed the city, it made me want to go there. You saw every bit of details of the city. Definitely recommend, but the movement does make you feel a bit queazy. 

Outside of the theater was a vendor fair like deal. It had yummy food, handcrafted goods, and traditional books of Mexico's history, and other classics as well.

My dad bought sangria which we all shared, it was so good but a tad strong lol. Outside there was a lovely art mural of Alice and Wonderland as well. 

We also bought some sweet empanadas, I got Dulce de Leche which was so delicious. Best decision of my life, it was like heaven. We would have eaten more if we weren't already full from the mariscos.

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