Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cuauhtemoc / Art / Tacos

Random Mexico Trip, Part II

After the theater we decided to go to a wax museum. It was pretty old and dirty, but it was still interesting to see Tijuana's wax museum and the history. 

My favorite person in the wax museum was Cuauhtemoc, he was the last Aztec emperor who was captured by the Spanish and tortured by burning his feet so he could tell them where the treasure was, but he didn't tell them.

In my last post, there was a statue of him and when I asked my dad who he was that's what he told me. My dad was a history teacher in Mexico before he moved to America, so I love asking him about Mexico's history. I wish I knew more since it is my roots.

The Mexicans are very proud of the fact that they are home to many great indian civilizations, especially the Mayans and the Aztecs. And, tbh I am also very proud of this. They were known to be great warriors, fierce, brave, and they built amazing civilizations. 

We ended up walking around after that, my little sister and mother needed to get some medicine (my mom always buys her medicine in Mexico).  It has been too long since I've seen Tijuana's arc.

Afterwards we ate some tacos, which weren't as good since they were closer to the border but it was still alright! I love that Mexico still has their sodas in bottles rather than cans (don't think this is everywhere though).

Around 7pm we crossed the border which was nice and short and ended up driving home. It was a long day, but this unexpected trip to Mexico was so much fun. I definitely enjoyed it and my parents looked happy as well, especially my dad.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mariscos / Sangria / Dulce de Leche

Random Mexico Trip, Part 1 

Yesterday, me and my family went to San Diego to apply for Sentri, which is basically just when you get to pass through the borders (international included) easier because you have already have a pre-approved background check, etc.

My parents were really craving mariscos (Mexican sea food) and decided to just cross the border since we were already there (literally 5 minutes away from Mexico). We went to a restaurant called Los Arcos where they had amazing mariscos.

I had soup which had calamari, octopus, oysters, and other yummy sea food. It was delicious and the little chile juice tasted amazing with the octopus, I swear the chile juice was the best combo with the sea food.

Dessert was amazing as well as it was a cappuccino with rum! I couldn't even taste the rum, just how I like my alcohol!

The interior was lovely as well as it was very colorful. Mexico is very colorful in general, which is part of it's charm.

Because the line to cross the border was extremely long when we crossed over we decided to just stay in Mexico all day. We debated to go to Ensenada but decided not to because we didn't want to cross the car, so we decided to explore Tijuana.

We wanted to go to a museum that made you feel like you were actually there, the taxi driver recommended us. Turns out, it was an IMAX theater, but it was still really cool. The theater was in the shape of a dome, similar to an observatory so it was an awesome experience. 

We watched a documentary called "Jerusalem" and when it showed the city, it made me want to go there. You saw every bit of details of the city. Definitely recommend, but the movement does make you feel a bit queazy. 

Outside of the theater was a vendor fair like deal. It had yummy food, handcrafted goods, and traditional books of Mexico's history, and other classics as well.

My dad bought sangria which we all shared, it was so good but a tad strong lol. Outside there was a lovely art mural of Alice and Wonderland as well. 

We also bought some sweet empanadas, I got Dulce de Leche which was so delicious. Best decision of my life, it was like heaven. We would have eaten more if we weren't already full from the mariscos.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Planning ❯❯ Mini Nor-cal Roadtrip

I am officially done with school and my little sister is on break so we are taking advantage of the time we have to go on a road trip to Nor-cal before I secure myself a job (if that will even happen anytime soon.)

Originally, we were going as a family but my dad couldn't take off work so we decided to split the road trip up to two mini trips rather than one large one. Me and my sister will go on our own for a few days and then when my parents are free we will go on a second trip to the parts we didn't go to.

I'm extremely excited! We are planning to go to the Sequoia National Forest to see the giant Sequoias, crystal caves, and waterfalls. As well as the Yosemite National Park with more gorgeous green landscapes, waterfalls, lakes, and hiking trails.

I honestly cannot wait, it's been forever since I've gone hiking. Everything should become more concrete in the next days or so. Me and my little sis are already getting our road trip playlist together.

Beautiful forests, breathtaking waterfalls, glistening lakes, long winding roads, here we come!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Send me on my way.

Yesterday I had a graduation party. To be honest, I didn't really want one but my mom really wanted one so I just let her throw the party.

We had a taco lady and just played music from my mom's ipod which was a mix of songs that everyone could enjoy. Those famous older songs that everyone knows as well as some Mexican ranchero songs.

The tacos were straight up like from Mexicali. They were so delicious! But that green stuff was not avocado, it was definitely salsa lol. Had to go get guac to mask the spiciness. It was their spiciest salsa haha.

It was pleasantly fun! I was worried I would be inside playing N64 but I got to meet some family I never met before and talk to cousins I haven't seen in forever. It was nice! I also got to talk to my mom's friends and I enjoyed that very much.

I really enjoy talking to older people about their life experience.

I was speaking with my mom's friends Jennifer and her husband. He was in the army and left the army to specifically join highway patrol. He said at that time they didn't want him since he's black. He said they didn't want black, hispanic, nobody unless they were white.

He said that although he did better than majority of the people at the training they didn't accept him so he decided to work extra hard to try again. So he worked for 5 years, working out every day and then he got a callback from someone who didn't understand why he wasn't hired initially and he helped him the whole time.

It was really inspiring. He told me to not give myself limitations and always believe I can do whatever I set my mind to because if you say you're not good at something you are just putting that limitation on yourself.

It was seriously a lovely talk, and it definitely was something I needed. I'm such a Negative Nancy (as my little sister puts it) in order to avoid disappointment. But I am going to try to be more positive. He told me not be afraid of disappointment because it helps us grow. I am honestly grateful for his advice.

I also had fun hanging out with my sister, her bf, bf's sister Cindy, and her friend. It was just so much fun overall.

And as always, they asked the recent grad what were her plans next. I told them that I am saving up to return back to Japan next spring. With the blessing of my family, I am working hard to go back.

I would like to reach out my hand
I may see you, I may tell you to run,
You know what they say about the young

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Class of 2015.

Today, was my graduation. I was with my old Japanese language buddy, Chris and got to catch up with him one last time at our uni.

 I just want to say I am ridiculously happy that I am officially done with my undergrad. It took me way longer than it should have, but I got to study abroad for a year and go to an awesome university that I never dreamt of being able to go to. In the end, it was honestly worth it for me. All the stress and debt haha.

I want to thank my sisters for being by side and helping me through all the bad times and believing in me. And though me and my parents have our difference, I couldn't have done it without them as well.

So, now my new life begins. Well, more like me aiming to start the life I want. I will begin working hard to save up money and move to Japan sometime next year. That's my goal, but we'll see how it goes. One step at a time loves!

Friday, June 5, 2015

One last hangout.

It's finals week next week, and already all over campus students are finding quiet spots to study and even sleep due to the intensive studying. I was one of the students finding a random spot to sleep and I went to my old spot my first quarter at my uni where I laid on a bench and used my laptop as a pillow.

I finished my Japanese presentation, and have two more finals to go. One Monday and one Thursday, perfectly spread out to give me enough time to study for both.

Last night I hung out with Hiromi and Maaya one last time. It was a goodbye thing.  It was very nice and chill, I enjoyed hanging out and talking about several things. It was one last good talk tbh.

I will be seeing Hiromi again since she's planning on moving to Tokyo but Maaya is planning on staying in Kansai area, maybe not even move from Kyoto. But me and Hiromi plan on visiting her.

I'm so happy I met Hiromi and cannot wait to meet up in Tokyo. Still job hunting, I have to do my best.