Friday, May 15, 2015

Treat Yo'self, II

The last time I treated myself was the Blink-182 concert back in March and I bought those tickets in January. Last time I bought any type of clothes was also in January and it was lingerie. I'm happy to say I was able to go shopping today and bought a good amount of clothes with a set budget!

I went out with Tia where we went shopping at Irvine Spectrum. It was raining like crazy earlier in the day but luckily it became nice and clear later with just a few clouds.

Pintrest has been helping me very much with my style. Well, a combo of pintrest, tumblr, and lookbook. Once I get a full time job I'm going to set aside some pocket money to go shopping every now and then.

Forever 21, Wet Seal, and Angl was were I bought most of my clothes. Tbh, Wet Seal and Angl had more of the style I'm going for. This is the first time I've been excited for a while. I have to remind myself to treat myself every once in a while but it gets hard when you have a goal you are trying to achieve.

After shopping, Tia and I had dinner at a Japanese sushi izakaya where she had yellowtail jalepeno sashimi with rice and I had a poke don. It was delicious, oh sashimi I miss you so much.

In other news, 28 days till my last day of school.

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