Friday, May 1, 2015

Last minute outing.

As always, my friends always convince me last minute to go out lol. I went out last night clubbing with Hiromi. I didn't really want to go because of money and then clubbing is not really my thing unless I am somewhat buzzed (just don't like the atmosphere), but Hiromi asked me one last time and told me her friends could get us in for free so I thought, "fuck it" and got ready to go lol. She was so happy I was going.

Her friends picked us up at our place, it was her friend Maya which I met before at the pub, her boyfriend Peter, and friend Riley. We drove to Newport to go to Sutra where apparently a well-known DJ was playing. I don't care for EDM though unless it's laid back but it was cool still.

We chilled in the smoking area outside and met some weirdos as always, but since we had guys with us less weirdos came up.

The world is so small though. We met a guy who studied in Japan at Temple University for three years, and I told him I went to Keio for one and we all got along. He was super funny and entertaining, he kept all of us laughing when he spoke in the yankee Japanese haha.

It was also cool getting to know Peter and Riley, Peter was super chill and Riley was nice. Tbh, I didn't enjoy being at the club, but I enjoyed hanging out with Hiromi and her friends.

I chilled with Riley since I wasn't feeling the club so we went to his car and smoked. He told me Hiromi really loves me and always says good things about me.

This made me so happy to hear because I really like her too and enjoy her company so much, she is so fun and chill and different than a lot of Japanese girls I met. We relate very easily.

One more month in our apartment together and two more before she goes back to Japan. I'm not too bummed since she is moving to Tokyo so I plan to see her there :]

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