Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's almost over.

Today was our last peer advisor meeting for work. It was a pizza party and we reflected on our year together, it was nice but I actually don't like large gatherings so the most fun I had afterwards was when it was just me and my two closer co-workers where we chatted about life after graduation and our love lives.

I wonder where life is going to take me. I have a plan, but sometimes things don't go as planned.

Also, this is my last week in my apartment since the lease is ending. You guys don't know this, I never voiced it for some reason, maybe because I didn't feel like it was worth a whole post to itself, but I have been dying in this apartment. Both me and Hiromi have tbh.

Our roommates were fine in the beginning but they became very inconsiderate as time went on. Dirty, and I mean dirty not messy. They leave boiled eggs out in a pot overnight which makes the whole house smell, meat they've cooked they leave on the stove for 5-7 days, and fish they've cooked they leave out for 2 days.

It's disgusting. They can't even eat that food anymore, I don't know why they do it. Our house currently house a sour smell to it and when I asked my roommates if they smelled something bad they said they didn't smell anything, only Hiromi did. It was so bad they caught me spraying Febreeze in the living room.

Their dishes pile up and I literally mean pile to a small hill, and the white stove turns brown from the food they leave stuck on it. It's just gross.

Not to mention all their guy friends constantly staying over and sleeping on our coach and staying up to the wee hours in the morning and being ridiculously loud, as well as using our bathroom, even to the point of our shower.

Me and Hiromi are tired, and we are happy we have a couple more days till we leave. We will be going with our own friends for last week of instruction. 16 more days till graduation.

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