Thursday, April 2, 2015

Soju Belly / Hiromi's Graduation.

Monday night I hung out with Jenny. She texted me, and I could tell something was up so we met up. Turns out her and her bf broke up, which makes things inconvenient due to her living situation so she just didn't want to be home.

We got some tea where we had matcha soy tea. It was amazingly good, and better than milk tea in my opinion. Afterwards, we met up with a friend of Jenny's in Garden Grove at Soju Belly to have drinks.

The place was empty since it was a Monday night, but it seemed cool. They played music videos on the TV, both Kpop and American music.

They are known for their soju fruit drinks. We ordered the watermelon, so the watermelon is cut open and they pour the soju inside so you can mix it with the actual fruit. It was so good. It was only $6 each and we had around 4 shots of it.

We didn't stay out long since Jenny had work at 8am the next morning, but it was nice to just hang out and chill.

/ / /

Tuesday evening was Hiromi's graduation from her marketing program at UCI. She wasn't planning on going but I told her she should because she worked hard and we could go to the pub afterwards to celebrate. She only wanted the drinks so she agreed lol.

It was cool to see the graduation ceremony, so many people from different countries. I forgot how international students have such a different vibe from regular students.

Hiromi was surprised how many of the Spanish names were so long, and how much they cheered for each other when one of their friends went to get their certificate. It made us both smile though, outgoing people seem like so much fun.

Hiromi took photos with her friends from the program and then we went to the pub to chill.

It was super crowded for a Tuesday night. We stayed there till around 12am sharing a pitcher or apple cider lol and I met one of her friends.

She thanked me for convincing her to go to graduation because she enjoyed it. I'm glad :]

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