Monday, April 20, 2015


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Procrastination at it's absolute best. With midterms coming up soon, I should be stressing out and studying but instead I am stressing out and procrastinating by binge watching Japanese films and dramas.

I just recently watched a cute movie called Kinkyori Renai which I came across randomly. It's been a while since I watched film adaptions of mangas. Although it's one of those teacher and student relationships which is really inappropriate, I couldn't help but really enjoy this film.

It has Yamapi, which I felt that he played the role of the teacher very well and his English was surprisingly good, probably better than most real Japanese English teachers in Japan (sorry, not sorry). The girl was really pretty, I liked her right away when I saw her and turns out the actress name is Nana Komatsu. Sound familiar? Yup, just like from NANA, what are the odds? I wonder if that's her birth name.

Anyways, the film was pretty adorable. Maybe I liked it because the girl's personality was different than what I had expected. I don't know. The soundtrack was also nice. Stayed up till 2am to finish the film and I've had the ending song stuck in my head all day. Been playing it on repeat for a while now.


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