Sunday, April 12, 2015


I think I'm going to start uploading random cellphone photos from Japan I never posted. There aren't many, but just a few here and there that I want to put somewhere.

These photos are from when I lived in Sugamo and would go to school in Mejiro at 日本女子大学 (Japan's Women University). Although I didn't enjoy my experience during the ILP program I had over the summer, I did enjoy the walk from the station to campus. It was around 20 minutes but it was pretty green despite being Tokyo.

The walks weren't pleasant in the heat though haha. But I would always get ice cream or something cold walking back to the station. And I loved how we would always cross a bridge that overlooked a highway that reminded me of New York (last photo).

There were definitely some nice moments during my first summer in Japan. I want to go back to Mejiro sometime again.

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