Monday, March 30, 2015

Those oh so hipster downtowns.

Spring break is over, and just like I predicted / hoped I didn't do anything during spring break besides laze around and sleep in. Well, other than go to the Blink-182 concert of course. On Saturday, me and my little sister went out because her finals ended when I was going back to school.

We were originally going to eat in Downtown Claremont and then go to a bar there as well since it has a lot of hipstery places.

We had some yummy Thai food and were looking for a bar to chill at but while we were walking we stumbled across a vintage movie theater that was playing Cinderella. 

I have actually been wanting to watch it and my little sister said she did too so rather than going to a bar we went to watch the movie. 

We ended up really liking the movie. I actually didn't like Cinderella because she was too perfect it seemed unrealistic, but this version gave you a better understanding of why she was the way she was and it made me appreciate her character.

After the movie we were so cold since it was cold in the theater and it became cold at night. We ended up going Coffee Bean to get something warm, two chai lattes. It was a nice outing.

My spring break is over and I am already back in Irvine going to school. It's my last quarter and I am so happy, I cannot wait till I am done!

Which reminds me, change of plans with the Mexico trip. My little sister can't go to the Cancun trip since she is starting an internship and we didn't want to go without her so instead we will be going to Nor Cal, which is just as great if you as me!

We will be going on a road trip to San Francisco. I honestly can't wait! I get to cross things off places in Nor-cal on my travel list, which I guess I should add to my bucket-list.

Still so happy it's my last quarter, 11 weeks until I am officially done with my undergrad.

Oh, in other news things with my family have been good lately. The whole spring break I was home me and my mom didn't fight even once. I am so glad and I hope it continues like this.

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