Monday, March 23, 2015

Let's make this night last forever.

Yesterday was the Blink-182 concert at Musink. The show didn't start till around 7pm and me and my older sister arrived there around 5:30ish where we decided to walk around a bit and see the convention. 

It was mostly a tattoo convention so there were mostly only places to get tattooed. A few artists I liked were going to be there but unfortunately I don't have any money to get any tattoos at the moment so we just looked around for other stuff. 

There was a piercing place which ended up being perfect because I wanted to buy new jewelry for my tragus since I lost my other one. They only had hoops but I didn't mind since I was thinking of getting it and they even helped me put it in.

There was some cars there for the car show portion but not as many as I hoped, it was still nice though.

Me and my sister got some Mexican food as we waited for the show to start. We weren't planning on getting too close to the stage but as always, as soon as the band starts playing I want to get closer so we did.

It was really fun. There were lots of people dancing and singing along to the songs and drinking beer. My older sister has never been to a concert and even though she likes rock music she didn't enjoy the moshing or anything. She had no idea what to expect and was confused most of the time and a bit annoyed so I felt kind of bad for her.

I had fun though, I liked that I could sing and dance with the other fans. There was this one guy that was by us that had a shit load of tattoos, hands, face, and stretched ears without his plugs. He totally seemed tipsy an would be hanging on his friends dancing and singing to all the lyrics.

These type of fans make me happy. There were some dumb fans though, a drunk girl spilled some  of her beer on my flannel but since it was tied around my waist I didn't trip. And after the concert this couple were fighting and yelling "fuck you" at each other and it was a pretty intense fight lol but you know, that's 'murica for you.

Blink played all the songs I wanted and Travis was amazing on the drums. They were pretty chill when they talked to the audience. In the beginning they made a comment saying "hey, I smell weed. we should call the police" and everyone laughed.

It smelled like weed during the whole concert haha. It was fun. Drinking, dancing, smoking, punk rock, mexican food, classic cars, tattoos, best combo if you ask me. Awesome night.

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