Friday, March 20, 2015


Today I was speaking to my mom on the phone, when she asked me when my last final would be for next quarter in Spanish, I replied, "El dies y uno de Junio" (eleventh of June) to which my mother responded, "What?? That's not a number!"

I thought about it, and realized I was thinking in Japanese, "juu-ichi" which is ten and one which thus equals eleven. "Dies y uno" is ten and one which in my mind made sense to equal eleven. But in Spanish, eleven is "once." 

I apologized to her and told her what happened and we both starting laughing so hard, I started to cry from the laughter. 

We also have a similar counting system to the Japanese where we say the first number plus the second number, for example: "dies y ocho" which is "juu-hachi" (eighteen) but eleven wasn't one of them.

This happens a lot, whenever I speak Spanish I mix my Japanese into it sometimes without knowing it. My other Spanish speaking friend says it happens to her too. 

This can get very awkward especially when some words in Japanese are the same in Spanish but have a different meaning. Don't get me started on the times when my dad hears me say a word in Japanese and thinks I said something completely different in Spanish lol.

It can be annoying and frustrating at times, but overall it's funny.

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