Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello March.

It's finally March, is it just me, or does time seem to be flying by?

So a lot of things have actually changed for me. I recently quit my second job at the Japanese market. Working full time and going to school time was extremely hard, and it showed in my grades. I decided to quit my job when I started failing tests in Japanese and my Japanese teacher gave us a lecture about our grades. Graduation is more important than side money.

It was the right decision. I started getting A's on my tests and now I am working out again. I go to my apartment's gym on my own on the weekends, and during the week I go to some classes at my school's gym with friends. I am happier than ever, but hopefully I can bring up my grade in Japanese.

It wasn't till this job that I realized how important weekends are. You need them for your body to rest and recuperate, and it showed me I actually do use the weekends to study more than I thought I did. Although it was for a short while, I enjoyed working there and helping with a few months rent for my parents.

My parents were understanding and preferred I didn't work the job, and so did my sisters but they told me since I wanted it they felt that it should be my decision. I respect them for that.

March will hopefully be a good month, besides all the final exams. Spring break is coming up around the 20th and will last about a week, probably just going to laze about. Also, the Blink-182 concert and tattoo convention is on the 22nd, I'm very excited for that.

Also, been talking to my mom more about my plans on going to Japan and she has been very supportive recently. I asked her when would be the earliest she would feel comfortable letting me go to Japan and she said next March.

I don't mind because this gives me time to save up money and apply for jobs for next spring, which is also when their school year start anyways. Let's hope all goes well! Until then, school and working out are my priorities. Graduation is coming up.

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